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October 26, 2011

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Use your unlimited pumpkin harvest as ammunition in an attempt to suppress the approaching undead horde in this retro style arcade game for your mobile!


Originally a two week project to create and release a game for web browsers and Android devices using Adobe AIR, Zombies Hate Pumpkins DX is an attempt to bring a new version to iOS and Android devices complete with new modes, art, audio and social features. It's also the first official project from Monster and Monster and their first foray into releasing on a game onto multiple platforms.


  • Classic Mode – Get back to basics with the original ZHP mode. A retro style survival game complete with reworked gameplay, visuals and audio.
  • Carnage Mode – Things are getting crazy on the freeway! Use special power pumpkins, launch special shots and get crazy combos in this manic arcade style mode.
  • Pick-up Mode – Get shopping whilst the undead invade the store! Keep the zombies at bay with pumpkins and smart bombs whilst you collect a variety products for extra points.
  • New Zombies - Tons of new pixelated zombies including the 'Chunks' who take a lot more stopping power than your average undead.
  • New Music and Sound Effects - Get your headphones on and enjoy the new fantastic undead soundscape - now in stereo... you'll hear them coming!


Zombies Hate Pumpkins DX - Gameplay Trailer YouTube

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      About Monster and Monster

      Monster and Monster is a British independent game studio made up of David Fullick and Dan Griffiths. Creating games for your entertainment, edification and occasional education!

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      Zombies Hate Pumpkins Credits

      David Fullick
      Artist / Monster and Monster

      Dan Griffiths
      Coder / Monster and Monster

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks