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December 18, 2012

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Autumn Walk is a quirky little game about walking your dog and is suitable for ladies and gentlemen of all ages and occupations! Lovingly crafted for all you gorgeous people by Monster and Monster - Purveyors of fine interactive wares and exquisitely made cups of tea.

So put your best foot forward and try to keep control of your newfound canine companion as you embark on an afternoon full of cogitation and curiosities. Remember to dress appropriately and check your journal regularly in this brand new walk-em-up from the creators of the App Store and Google Play's favourite Victorian constitutional simulator Winter Walk .


After spending six solid months working on their underwater adventure game Deep Loot the Monsters decided that it would probably do their sanity some good to take a break for a couple of weeks and work on something different. Having released the chilly Winter Walk the previous year to a lovely warm response they decided appease fans and use the break to create a follow up, Autumn Walk.

However they 'may' have underestimated the project just a little. As their development blog shows they encountered plenty of trials and tribulations along the way and what was intended to be a 2 week project turned into 3 months of work. They did however succeed in getting an alpha version ready for their first ever exhibition at GameCity7 where they premiered the game and took on board a ton of feedback which helped them rework gameplay and areas of design they thought needed a lot more work.

The result is quirky and colourful follow-up to their previous walk-em-up Winter Walk. With a new character, a variety of costumes and over 30 pages of dialogue. Not to mention a journal full of achievements and collectables for you to idle away your hours obtaining!

From concept to creation, design to implementation, you can find a ton more information about the game and how it made its journey onto app stores around the world by checking out the Autumn Walk development blog HERE


  • NEW Victorian inspired ponderings
  • A NEW companion in cogitating. Colin the canine!
  • Taylor & Sons Tailors
  • 10 Unlockable Outfits giving you over 300+ extra lines of dialogue
  • Unlockable Mechanical Marvel complere with gold plated bodywork & machine dialogue
  • A swanky journal to fill with the 'things' you find
  • A variety of Achievements
  • Game Center Leaderboards
  • Support for tablet/retina displays


There are currently no trailers available for Autumn Walk. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Awards & Recognition

    Autumn Walk has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "It’s remarkably quaint and full of quirky charm- certainly unlike anything you might have played before"
        - Paul Wilks, Android Tapp
      • "A truly different app with a hipster touch that is both entertaining and endearing"
        - Anna Grace, AppsZoom

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