Monster and Monster
Based in Leamington Spa, UK

Founding date:
July 4, 2011


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Winter Walk
Autumn Walk
Zombies Hate Pumpkins
Deep Loot


Monster and Monster is a British independent game studio made up of David Fullick and Dan Griffiths. Creating games for your entertainment, edification and occasional education!


Early history

We both left the digital marketing industry where we’d spent several years working, on games that we’re really proud of, for some really big names (Disney, Universal, BBC etc. etc.) but we really wanted to work on something that totally belonged to us. That’s why we started Monster and Monster.

We’ve been working as Monster and Monster since 2011 and the fact we’re still here is as much of a surprise to us as it is anyone else. We started Monster and Monster with the knowledge that we had enough funds between us to last a year. The plan was to make some games and hope for the best. Worst case scenario, we figured, we’d have a fun year - which we did! But we also made some games.

Winter Walk

We got a lucky early break with our game Winter Walk in our first year. Our quirky Victorian walk-’em up featuring a character loosely based on Jerome K. Jerome got picked up by Gizmodo UK and Rock Paper Shotgun and that got our name out to a lot of gamers and really acted as a calling card for us. It was described by one writer as a ‘Dickensian Canabalt’ which we loved!

Autumn Walk

The follow-up to Winter Walk. Based on landmarks from our home town of Royal Leamington Spa. This time the gent has found himself a canine companion, Colin, a playfully rambunctious fellow with a skill for tripping you up. This is our first game to feature in-app purchases which so far has failed to fully fund our burger habit.

Deep Loot

This game has been in development for so long that our friends began to wonder if it would ever get released. Since we got tired of being asked when it would finally be done, we decided to release it on 31st July 2014.

Deep Loot is a game about oceanic exploration and treasure hunting. It has a whole bunch of game design innovations that we’re really proud of. For more info check the Deep Loot press page.

The Future

We’re always talking about game design and concepts, hopefully one or more of our ideas we’ve had in the last few years will become reality once Deep Loot is out the door. In particular we hope you’ll be playing a new adventure with the gent (to say nothing of Colin the dog) very soon!


Deep Loot - iOS Launch Trailer YouTube

Deep Loot - Sing-A-Long YouTube

Zombies Hate Pumpkins DX - Gameplay Trailer YouTube


There are currently no images available for Monster and Monster, but we will probably take some silly ones soon and continue to leap in front of the paparazzi during game events. If you do have any specific (within reason!?) requests then please feel free to contact us!

Selected Articles

  • "Fun, simple and amusing, Winter Walk is a great little diversion."
    - Bulent Yusuf, Gizmodo UK
  • "Well color us blue and slap us in Avatar, that sounds rather raunchy to our game-erotic minds!"
    - Chris Priestman, The Indie Game Magazine

Team & Repeating

David Fullick
The Art Monster / Co Founder

Dan Griffiths
The Code Monster / Co Founder

Gavin Harrison
Music / Freelancer

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