Autumn Walk : The Plan

If you read our previous post you will know that we plan on taking a break from Deep Loot for a couple of weeks to refuel our deep sea mojo. Deep Loot is coming together and looking amazing but after 7 months we could do with a small break, a change if you will!

So what’s the deal? Well, we created Winter Walk in just 9 days in winter 2011. This included a multiplatform release as well as a microsite. It met with positive reviews, featured on Rock Paper Shotgun and Gizmodo UK and as I type this we’ve had around 50,000 plays online, an estimated 5,000 iOS downloads and a whopping 14,891 downloads on Android devices!

We had a ton of fun creating Winter Walk and we know a lot of people have been asking about a follow up. Well, we’ve been teasing some ideas for months now but finally we have a plan…

This plan involves a couple of different phases all of which we plan to show to you as we go! That’s right, over the next two weeks we’ll be giving you all the ins and outs, all the nitty gritty. We’re even hoping to open up our WIP builds on Testflight so those interested can watch the game come together over the next two weeks. Exciting huh?

So here’s how it’s going to work.

1) We revisit Winter Walk – We plan to rework the scaling code and release an update that should work really nicely on iPads as well as the new iPhone and Android devices. There are also a few other tweaks to do and we’ll even be adding achievements and Game Center support. All in all this should make for a rather exciting update!

2) Develop our ‘Cake Tech’ – We’ll go into this in more detail later but it’s what we’re calling the nifty bit of code we need to develop to make big textures run faster by cutting them into slices..or something like that. (This should also be something we can use on Deep Loot.)

3) Design Autumn Walk – We have a rough idea of how we want the game to play but to keep the elegance and fun of the first game without adding too much complexity we’ll need to sit down and discuss the ideal gameplay mechanic, interface and a whole bunch of other crucial stuff.

4) Create It – Begin building Autumn Walk using the re-worked Winter Walk engine. This is were the real fun can begin as we (hopefully) start pulling together a new game! We’ll drop in new artwork, add new features and begin writing a huge amount of new dialogue…

5) Publish – Get Autumn Walk onto the App / Android Stores as well as the updated Winter Walk. Possibly do a little bit of promotion and spread the word too!

6) Onwards – Back to work on Deep Loot so that it’s fully playable by GameCity at the end of October.

So there you have it! By the time you’ve read this we should have a seperate dev blog ready for you to follow…in fact you should go check it out and bookmark it right now!


This dev blog will very quickly fill up with screengrabs, notes and other development related goodies. We really want to share the process with you all so expect a minimum of 2 code and 2 art posts a day as we lead you through from start to finish!

So. Two weeks. Not long. A challenge. We better get started I guess!?