Paper Face Friday : Daft Punk – Guy

Well hello there! It has been a while has it not? Over the last few weeks I’ve had my head down creating a ton of artwork for Deep Loot so have only recently gotten around to finishing the second Daft Punk helmet. To be honest I kind of burnt myself out on the Thomas one, there’s only so much printing, cutting and sticking a man can do in a month before it drives him a little mental!?

So here it is! It’s not perfect but it’s still pretty darn good and hopefully anyone else wanting to get stuck in will only need to make a few tweaks here and there.


Guy's Helmet Colour Example

Guy's Helmet Colour Example

I’ll do my best to guide you through the creation process but to be honest most of this helmet was made weeks ago so I might not remember every detail but still…on with the making!

I actually started on Guy’s helmet before Thomas’ as it’s actually a lot simpler in papercraft design. So a small prototype helped me iron out most of the issues early on. I then went onto creating a full size prototype which turned out to be far too big. So after lots of messing about with various sizes I committed to getting Guy’s helmet printed.

I was quite lucky (as I was with the Thomas helmet) to find some decent gold card which could be printed on. It’s not quite as shiny as I would like but without using really heavy duty shiny gold card and drawing all the detail on with permanent maker it was the best I was going to manage.

So the first step was cutting out the sides and creating some mini templates for the visor colours. The process is all quite straightforward and just involves a lot of cutting out of various bits of coloured card. I also used black card for the visor which was cut slightly bigger than the shape so that I could stick it to the back of the gold card. At one point I did have a bunch of transparent plastic I wanted to overlay onto the visor sections (post sticking all the colour together) but I couldn’t find a decent way of sticking it all together without glue ruining the transparent plastic. If anyone else has some bright ideas let me know! I guess the other option would be to find some decent shiny black card but for this helmet I had to make do with what I had.

Adding colour!

Adding colour!

Next up I needed to create the central part of the helmet which again just involved combining the black card for the visor and the gold card for the rest. I also printed colour cables onto white paper which could be stuck onto the gold later for some added colour to the back and sides of the helmet. If you had time you could probably use real cables and wires to create something very similar to the real thing!

The last few things I had to do was mark out where your eyes would be and as I did with the Thomas helmet I cut a few small slit along the middle of the visor, from a distance you can’t tell they are there but they are more visible than I would like. There’s probably a bunch of alternative methods you could try like fine black gauze or mesh, again if anyone has any really good ideas then let me know!

I also noticed that with all the sticking of colours and things to the sides of the helmet that the card began to warp a little. So just to make things a bit more solid I got some heavy duty card and ducktaped it to the sides to help strengthen the whole thing.

Lastly came the tricky task of attaching the three sections together. This was actually a lot easier a job than it was with Thomas’ helmet but my glue didn’t work as well as I liked to the are a few areas where the seams didn’t really stick as flush as I would have liked. Ducktape (such handy stuff!) again came in handy just to keep things a secure as the glue set.

The finished Daft Punk Guy helmet

The finished Daft Punk Guy helmet

That’s all there is to it!? The only problem with the final helmet was the curve of the visor not being as precise as I was hoping. This might mean you need to tweak the length a little from the illustrations I have attached but it isn’t too bad. The helmet has a little edge that sticks up around the curve but unless you’re really having a close look it’s passable!

So there you have it. You now know who you and your buddy is going to that Halloween party as!? Not sure when the next PPF will be (and it might not even be a face if my plan comes together) but be assured there will be more!

Until then stay classy and email me via the contact link in the footer if you have any requests or ideas or something you would like me to have a go at!